Davinci resolve monitor

Would it be possible to use the lume pad as a stereoscopic 3d monitor in davinci resolve (and/or blender)?

Not out of the box. However, you can render a stereoscopic video in Resolve or Blender and view it on Lume Pad.

Dang. So then how do you suppose I edit the stereoscopic video if I can’t see what I’m doing until it is rendered? Is there no android app that takes side by side 3d signals from something like this:

and converts it to Lumepad 3d?

We got an update today that our blender live preview is actually round
the corner. Stay tuned.


Isn’t the only thing needed for using the lume pad as a stereo 3d monitor an app that turns side by side signals into a lumepad 3d image? Can the lumepad receive displayport signals, or can it make use of a hdmi adapter?

@DustBuff Lume Pad does not have the hardware support needed for DisplayPort-in over USB-C, as that’s a fairly rare feature among tablets.

There are methods to encode Lightfield video over USB to playback in near-realtime on Lume Pad, such as in the case of the Unity game engine using Unity Remote + LeiaRemote, or the upcoming Blender Live Preview.

More improvements and ways to use Lume Pad as a secondary monitor for your computer applications will be coming next year.


Here it says lumepad supports displayport over USB-C:

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I think there may have been a misunderstanding, here.

N.B. DisplayPort-in.
(As opposed to DisplayPort, which is traditionally out.).

My laptop has this:


So am I able to use this displayport to connect the lumepad as a second (stereo 3d) screen?

I wouldn’t have thought so, as the Lume Pad does not have the hardware support needed for DisplayPort-in over USB-C.

This enables the Lume Pad to be connected to other Displays.

Then what is the use of having displayport over usb-c?

You can connect Lume Pad to any DisplayPort-compatible monitor and view the content on there. For example, if you shot a video with Lume Pad and wanted to see it on your 1440p Monitor with a USB-C to DisplayPort adapter/cable.


I shot a stereo 3d video with 2 blackmagic cinema cameras and I would like to use the lumepad as a stereo 3d monitor in davinci resolve.
I decided to buy the lumepad partly because the website says it can do displayport over usb-c on the faq page as an answer to the question:

Can I use my Lume Pad as a second display?

So I was expecting the answer (it supports displayport over usb-c) to be regarding the question

Can I use my Lume Pad as a second display?

because connecting the lumepad to a monitor is not “using it as a SECOND DISPLAY”

I reckon this should be clarified on the website to better inform future buyers.

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Hey @DustBuff,

Thank you for pointing this out!

That was indeed an error we made between the engineering team and those making the website. We have just corrected it.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Like I said earlier, there will be more methods for using Lume Pad as a secondary display using encoded video over USB-C coming in 2021. Let me know if I can help in any other way.