Apple - Spatial video

Just started using the new iOS 17.2 spatial video option with my iPhone 15 pro max. I can view with Viture XR glasses using the just updated SpaceWalker app’s media player. I ordered and I am awaiting the arrival of the LP2. There is an iOS app called LeiaLink to apparently send the video for 3D playback so I can share with others. This is my main use case and I hope it all works.

One question that I can’t find an answer for. Can I take a video with the LP2 and send it to my iPhone 15 pro max to view with my Viture XR glasses?

LeiaLink only supports photos, not videos. However, you can move your files in a variety of ways, such as Google Drive.

If you’re taking a 2D video, yes. If you want to take a 3D video, you’ll need to convert the video to SBS using a computer. Here is a link with instructions: Convert from LVF to SBS

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Do you have Airbuds 2 PRO?