"File format not supported" - again

Hi all,

I know we had this topic already: RED Player throwing a “File format not supported” error while playing some videos. Version 1.6.13 apparently fixed this, because no further complaints were coming in after this.
Now I rendered a video, playing it with 1.6.17, and the error is back. It occurs always around the same time, for example between 12 and 14 seconds in, but when switching to another app and back, it continues playing despite the previous error.
The video is 4k, 30fps, H.264, so I rendered again as H.265 but with all other settings the same, and this plays smoothly without any error.
Any suggestions what to do with this? Or general recommendations/settings how to render 4V videos and avoid this error?

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Hey Alex,

@john.friday or @nick.saric should be able to help out with this.