For the next version of LeiaFrame please!

I don’t know if there is one currently being developped? My device will mostly be used as a 3Dframe display and now that I have it installed as such on the dedicated stand, I immediately noticed a setting missing.

The app need 2 personalized brightness settings, one that user will be able to set for when there is no face detected and a second brightness level for when a face is detected.

That way, we could set brightness at very low when nobody is looking at it, save energy and also avoid illuminating a low light room. One quick exemple would be trying to watch a movie in a dark room. Could also be better for the display to not be bright 24hrs a day?

And speaking of 24hrs a day, it would be REALLY appreciated if we could set a ON and OFF timer for LeiaFrame.

Finally, I’ve seen a few times a safe charging mode message popup. Can this NOT happen when LeiaFrame is running? I mean the tablet is left unattended for days serving as a pictureframe so this popup is not welcome.

I hope those 3 suggestions all make sense for making LeiaFrame a much better suited app.


I don’t think there’s any API that allows apps to mess with that setting. You’ll simply have to turn off “Battery Saver” if you don’t want those messages anymore.

Yes I’ll do that considering my use case that is the tablet is most of the time on the stand/doc and runs LeiaFrame so no big deal of that saving mode here.

I realize I already did that weeks ago, disabled battery save and enabled performance mode but still after a while there is a popup.

I know my Motorola phone offers quite more options so it must be possible to make those options avalable?

I don’t get these messages, so I’m trying to figure out where it’s coming from for you guys, and I can’t think of anything besides the Battery Saver setting. I’ll try to dig into it more.

We try not to touch these parts of the OS, we keep LumeUI on Lume Pad 2 as close to stock Android as possible except for the 3D portions. So we probably won’t be able to make any changes here.