LeiaFrame is now available in LeiaLoft!

LeiaFrame is an application that turns your LitByLeia device into a Lightfield photo frame.


  • Supports Lightfield photos and videos

  • Allows you to choose whether they play in a sequence or shuffled

  • Allows you to choose the length photos persist before transitioning to the next image in the slideshow

  • You can set LeiaFrame a screensaver on your device, allowing it to turn on automatically when your plug in your device to charge


I just randomly saw that when flipping through Leia loft, great timing


Great App! Maybe I have found a couple of bugs: the first time I started the app it crashed; this also happened once I have deleted data and cache and started again the app. This seems to happen while is loading the images for selection. Moreover, the folder “All images” appears empty. I have installed it on RH1, having additional 128 Gb SD card mounted as removable memory.

Also, I haven’t found a way to remove an item from the selected set of pictures, once added: it happened that by mistake in the selection I had inserted also a video… so once started the slideshow as savescreen while overnight charging…well you can imagine :grin:. This was the reason why I have cleaned the cache.

Last question: while I love to use it as savescreen, I wonder if this could shorten the life of the screen (e.g. the backlight); usually photo-frames have a sensor that will enable slide-show if there is a viewer or disable it otherwise, while in this case I think that if I use LeiaFrame as savescreen, slideshow will potentially keep going 24h . What do you think? (I’m afraid of whatever could shorten my RH1 life since there is no replacement, and no support in Europe… Lumepad that I have also oredered will not allow the same things :slightly_smiling_face: )

Thanks @m.farina. The team is looking into the bug reports.

On the main page of LeiaFrame, you can tap the images to add a check mark in the top left. Then the buttons below will turn into a “Remove Media” button, so you can remove the images and videos you’ve selected.

Using a device will of course affect it’s longevity somewhat, but using your device with LeiaFrame should still lead to it lasting years and years and years!

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