Holopix Photo Contest: Happy #Holodays

The team at Leia Inc is proud to announce #Holodays, a holiday-themed 4V photo contest in Holopix!

It starts on December 16th and runs until January 5th. Any photo you post to Holopix with the hashtag #Holodays during the contest will be entered to win.

Rules and prizes are available at the link here.

We can’t wait to see your Holopix!


I’ll finally be able to take part this year. #Holodays looking forwards to using the hashtag.

Happy #Holodays everyone! The contest is now LIVE! We can’t wait to see your Holopix :christmas_tree:


Looking forward to that!!!

When is the top 3 announced?
As we have a dead Titanium at home :sob:
We need an extra one

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We’re planning on announcing winners by the end of today.