The Winners of Happy #Holodays

Thank you everyone who competed in the #Holodays Photo Contest. Without further ado, we’d like to announce the winners of Happy #Holodays!

The 3rd place prize goes to @alexzeder!

The 2nd Place prize goes to @bombelkie!

And finally, the Grand Prize Winner of the Happy #Holodays Photo Contest is…


We received so many incredible submissions over the last few weeks and everyone at Leia is always blown away by your breathtaking 4V content. The Leia and Holopix Teams are committed to delivering our users the best lightfield experience in the world throughout 2020 and beyond. We’ll see you all again next month for the 2nd Annual Photo February Contest!


Before we forget, we wanted to share some honorable mentions from #Holodays. These Holopix were just so good we had to share. They made choosing the winners really hard. You all have another shot at winning next month, so we hope to see you compete again!


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