#PhotoFebruary Grand Prize Winner!

It’s been an incredible month filled with food, places, and faces. For the fourth week of #photofebruary, we put the power in the hands of our users to vote for the grand prize winner.

The final vote is in, and the 2019 Holopix Photo February grand prize winner is

Richard Rockwell!

Congratulations, you win a 400GB MicroSD card, a Visa gift card to use in the LeiaLoft store and some awesome Holopix + Leia gear!

Our second place winner is Chris Ray and our third place winner is Sean Lonergan.

You can go to the Photo February Holopix account and see all four weeks winning submissions. Make sure to follow the Photo February winners!

This month was groundbreaking, and we had over one thousand submissions to the contest. Thank you to everyone who participated! We look forward to holding more Holopix community events in the future!

All of your submissions have brought smiles and warmed the hearts of the Holopix and greater Leia team. We are so honored to have such incredible creators on our platform. The positivity and words of encouragement we saw this month was awe-inspiring. All of your Holopix were so beautiful.

Thanks again for being part of Leia’s first ever Holopix Photo February.

As always, we can’t wait to see your Holopix!