Holopix Photo Contest: #PhotoFebruary

The team at Leia Inc. is excited to announce Photo February, a whole month of community competitions to see who takes the best Holopix! It’s easy to enter and you could win some awesome prizes!

Here’s a link to the official contest page. It’s copied below for posterity:

To submit a photo simply post it to Holopix with whatever captions and hashtags you want, but append it with #PhotoFebruary and the hashtag for the theme of the week. The themes are as follows:

Week 1 - Food & Drinks ------- #eat4v

Week 2 - People & Places

Week 3 - Nature & Animals

Week 4 - SECRET

We will announce the hashtag for each theme at the beginning of every week. We will pick a Winner each week that will win some Holopix Gear + a Visa Gift Card to use on apps and games on RED|LeiaLoft, a Runner Up that will win some Leia Gear, and finally there will be a Grand Prize Winner at the end of the month!

A few extra notes:

  1. Even if you’re not entering the week’s contest, feel free to post your best photos taken this month with #PhotoFebruary, you never know what could happen :wink:

  2. How you capitalize hashtags doesn’t matter, but spelling does! Make sure you’re spelling the words right. Choosing hashtags other users have posted with from the dropdown menu is probably a safe bet.

  3. This is a photo contest! Although we’d love to see theme-relevant posts from Clay and Aura, we are primarily looking for photos. That doesn’t mean you’ll be disqualified, but it does mean that you’ll have to work harder to win a category with an image that isn’t a photo.