Winners of #PhotoFebruary 2021

There were a lot of great submissions for LeiaPix #PhotoFebruary 2021, but there can only be a few winners – and trust us, it was tough to narrow it down to only three finalists this time around. So, without further ado, Leia is proud to announce the winners!

Here are this year’s Winners:

Charles Barnard won the Grand Prize for this amazing Turtle shot!

Adam Lopez took 2nd Place for this great 2D→ 3D conversion from God of War!

Ame and Richard took 3rd Place with this cool shot of reflections in the water!

Charles, Adam, Ame and Richard: The LeiaPix Team will be reaching out over email for your prizes.
The competition this year was tough, and it was really hard for the Judges to decide on winners. While we had to narrow down the winners here, you should jump into LeiaPix and check out some of the other awesome artwork submitted for #PhotoFebruary. Thanks to you all for being pioneers in 3D Lightfield photography. And remember, if a photo is worth a thousand words, LeiaPix are worth a million!


Congratulations to all the winners!


And of course, Ping Pong by @Stuart_Fujitani gets an honorable mention!

It was on the (very) shortlist but like I said, it was incredibly hard for the judges to make their final decision this year.


Congratulations to all winners!! Even from Sofiro F(she asks me to forward her congrats).


This year there were so many images to choose from. Not to mention the great images without the #photofebruary hashtag added!

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Thanks Stuart :slight_smile:


I though it was photofebruary with the most votes?
Lol a joke of contest then

Hey @Chillerfpv,

We recommend you read the contest rules next time to ensure you’re not confused about the rules! Good luck for the next one!


Most votes usually have an amount of luck and posting time related with number of people browsing that time and next hours, also depends of the weekday. So I find better the judges.