I got it! 3D building blocks!

I am looking for stuff to take over everything here on my tablet device. Lume Pad lightfield.
I am an old holographic display head. My RED hydrogen one still wants the universal Leia app store for all 3D displays. The camera on the RED hydrogen one nearly surpasses them all. If only we had 3D night vision… My studies would be the dime piece we all speak.
I would love the building blocks experience walking into a skateshop/indoor skatepark to build your own professional bike/skateboard/scooter in 3D with realistic parts that can be finalized and sent to the workshop in the back to be built with gear and helmets to be purchased in the front of the store. I’m a looking to pursue this as a tech wizard. Maybe…
Maybe a full run on a virtual actual ridable professional ride on a 3D skate park would be the best. You know, my device is gray, not black. But grey enough for a total 3D mastermind experience with real world appli iindeed.
I am here to make this real as we take the west with ideals. Talk to me!!