First impressions

So far my thoughts are: yes.

The 3D is about what I expected (A-La 3ds) and I like it, only tested a few images so far. But after the updates to regular apps are done I’ll try games and the dungeon demo out.

I’ve downloaded Krita for an art test, and Genshin just to see how far I can push the regular tablet stuff. So far it feels heavy and well built, the case is nice. Gonna try out the leia flix (video ) app tonight!

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Update: the tablet is pretty damn nice.

On the normal end genshin maxed out runs at 60 (eats battery like crazy tho) and it operates like a tablet.

3D: pretty good, hit or miss based on the app you’re using, but this is very clearly due to the makers choosing certain viewing and depth settings, but when it’s good, it’s GOOD. also watched Pacific Rim and it was good in 3D.

I’m working on getting some art in 3D but the results in import are hit and miss since there isn’t a layering setting that I could find.

Gonna keep digging and see why I can do.


Welcome to the Leia Creator Community :slight_smile:

Let me know if I can help with anything.


Now that you mention it, I’m trying to make some layered 3D art. (Colors on 3DS did this with each layer being a set distance,
So drawings would look like 3D photos). I’m trying to use Krita (and procreate on iPad via importing images) with some mixed results. It’s not all bad, and some of it is quite funny.

Also an update on 3DS emulation via Citra: iooooooh boy is it bad. Not the tablets fault, but I don’t think android can run emulation well so far for 3DS. Gonna keep exploring options with the unit as it’s a 50/50 in on doing what I want/need it to.

What format are you exporting them in to have the layers come through? If you can offset them and export them in Quad Lightfield format (2x2) you’ll have the most control over the way it looks in 3D.

Definitely depends on the game, also, make sure you run the game first so it can cache a bunch of shaders and stuff and then try it again. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D runs pretty flawlessly for me, as does Pokémon X (mostly). But lots of other games do have performance issues, yes. Citra pushes the Snapdragon 845 to its limits. One thing I do like to do is get to beautiful scenes in games, then crank up the resolution and anti-aliasing to take Lightfield screenshots in-game. They look beautiful!

The latest mmj-build of Citra runs mouch better, unfortunately I didn’t have the time to wrap my head around the modifications that Jakedowns did to the original Version, i’d say it runs about 20-30% faster than the official Version. It would be pretty awesome to have a new version based on mmj, but I don’t know when I have the time to take a look at it.

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