Citra 3DS for Lume Pad 2

Wanted to share that I’ve released an apk to my Github page for my fork of the Citra 3DS emulator that adds basic support for Lume Pad 2!

I’ve got some additional features and enhancements in mind down the line, but I wanted to share the initial proof of concept as soon as possible

Special thanks to @simongellis for his support in helping get this working.

If you enjoy this release please consider supporting my work:



This is a surprise Jake! I wasn’t expecting Lume Pad 2 support this quickly.

I’m so excited to play all my favorites on the Lume Pad 2! This is going to be amazing.


Tested it with two games I have: mario bros and captain toad
With Mario it works mostly fine ones shaders are loaded during a second level play through
Captain toad had too much stuttering to be playable.
But in both cases the 3D effect was really good.
So for a first release and in such short amount of time amazing work.

Thank you.


Wow this is awesome!! Thank you Jake and simon!! You guys have done a great job porting over to the lumpad 2.
I was on the fence on returning the lumepad then this, i tried out ace combat and link between worlds not for along session but the both run better than on lumepad 1 there is audio stutter but im sure with tweeking they can run better, ace combat would not run at all before it was a stuttering mess now it is playable. I have a ton of games for the 3ds now i have to find the time to get them on the lumepad. Big screen 3ds gaming oh yeah!!


Yoooo!!! This is amazing!! Thank you so much, it works very well. I love it in fullscreen, full depth and controlled with a bluetooth gamepad. The only issue is I lose 3D when opening the settings page, but it comes back if I go into settings and back out with the arrow. Thanks for this! wow.


Thanks a ton! You help make the device a real dream come true.


Just wanted to ad an update i tried a few games and i am surprise by how many work you do have to play with settings and adjust your expectations but what we have here is impressive, if only they would have went with the SD gen1 or added an internal cooling with modified clock speeds this would have been perfect for 3ds emulation. I know that the emulator is not without its own issues and only working on open gl and not supporting vulcan but im happy with the results, lime i said b4 i was going to return it but this app made me change my mind, it is out of my budget though lol