3DS & Virtual Boy emulators for Lume Pad & RED Hydrogen One

Hi there! I’m working on adding Lume Pad support to the Citra 3DS Emulator for Android.

Here’s a link to my first experimental build apk:

Let me know what you think!

UPDATE: here’s an custom Apk of VirtualVirtualBoy for Android with 4V support: Releases · jakedowns/vvb · GitHub


@jakedowns This is the absolute coolest thing ever. VERY excited to see where this goes!


Super cool will try this asap !


thanks! It was super fun to dive into this and to get it working so quickly! (only like 2-3 days)
just got my lume pad a week ago.

my next steps for this are:

  • pull 3D slider up to main emulator window so you don’t have to dive into settings to adjust convergence
  • look into adding the DOF & sharpening shaders (user toggle-able)
  • MAYBE look into making it proper 4V instead of just 2V but that might be wishful thinking

thanks for such a cool tool/toy and a great SDK + great docs & support



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any chance of this also working on the RED Hydrogen ONE?

Also, could VirtualBoy emulation be a thing?


Awesome, Just tried it, Looks Awesome! but unfortunately 3ds Emulation needs a little more development to run smoothly on the 845 I think, Do You think Dolphin would be possible in stereoscopic 3d? Since Gamecube Games Seem to be less demanding to The Processor. Or maybe a mmj build with enabled Speed Hacks could smooth out some of the Slowdowns?

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Hey thanks for the feedback. Yeah I’m new to native programming but I’ve been familiarizing myself with the citra sourcecode as well as asking a ton of questions of the devs on the citra discord about potential bottlenecks and easy gains

That’s a good point about dolphin I know there has been a decent amount of work for that in VR that would probably translate. I will put that on my list to look into.

@BenMcLean several people have reported it “just works” on the RH1. I just ordered one on eBay to test for myself. I’m sure it’s not smooth. But at least a cool proof of concept

And yes! I just found the open source virtual virtual boy project for Android. I’m going to work on releasing a forked Apk with LitByLeia support this week! Follow me on Twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/jakedowns

And I’ll try to post back here when I have some updates as well :slight_smile:

The other thing I want to look into is packaging up one of those recent super Mario 64 c++ projects for Android with 4V support as well !


Wow. I’m excited.

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@jakedowns I’m most looking forward to the VirtualBoy emulator myself, but if we’re spitballing ideas then yet another feat of 3D video game-ification that the Red Hydrogen One and LeiaPad should both be more than capable of is to emulate games which make use of the Famicom 3D System and the SegaScope 3D Glasses. These were active shutter based stereoscopic gaming technologies for the NES, the Master System and just one special SNES game, HyperZone.

There already exists a shader for RetroArch to make these playable in SBS 3D glsl-shaders/stereoscopic-3d at master · libretro/glsl-shaders · GitHub

It even makes them look better than the originals because it removes the stutter by just continuing to show the old frame in each eye until the new frame is ready (instead of just a frame of black)

There should be some way to make these playable in 3D on the RH1 and LeiaPad.


Sounds Awesome! I am excited to See what You come up with, and Thank You for sharing!!

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oh awesome. thanks so much i’ll definitely look into these.

yeah haha, its pretty straight forward. im working on VVB now. 90% of the time is just figuring out how to get the projects compiling and then like 10% is actually calling the new shader code lol


I tested this on Sunday. Majoras Mask runs very smoothly. I was doing tests using Unity prior to this but the games were being ran on the desktop version of citra and the lumepad was being used as a display. I was able to do 100% depth for about 20 seconds with a lot of focus but due to the eye strain I was between 7-31% for comfortability. White and bright colors seem to bleed through the LumePad a bit and cause the image to double more than pop in 3D but still works well.Screenshot_20210821-221416-1


Thanks for the feedback! I’m working on adding a depth slider to the overlay controls so you can adjust it on the fly. Also gonna look into other techniques to make it more suitable to longer play sessions.

Glad you got to enjoy it so far! Cheers!

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@Johannes_Hainer @BenMcLean VirtualBoy is now available! Releases · jakedowns/vvb · GitHub


Awesome Stuff, Thank You very mouch for sharing! I’ll Take a Look this evening.:+1:

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I will definitely be trying this soon.

FYI: I think it was only last year that the very last non-English official VirtualBoy release got a fan English translation patch. Now there are English patches for every single official non-English VirtualBoy game ever released without exception.


The VirtualBoy Port is pretty cool! Only the Parallax ist pretty intense, would be cool to have the Possibility to reduce the Parallax a littlebit other than for the Controls. But it’s cool None the less! Thank You very mouch! Now the LumePad ist the Best Device for VirtualBoy Games :sunglasses:!


yes! glad it worked for ya! what game(s) did you try?

I definitely need to add a slider and see about maybe some depth of field. :slight_smile:

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I tried Galactic Pinball and Jack Bros. A Slider would be pretty great!

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