Free 3DS & Virtual Boy Emulators Officially Launched

Citra 3D and VVB are now live in the Leia App Store and they’re both Free

Thanks to all the Leia staff members and community members for their encouragement, guidance, and support.

Shoutout to @simongellis for working with me on merging Leia support into his app.

If you enjoy them please consider supporting us:


This is super exciting Jake! I just software modded my 3DS to dump my own cartridges using this tutorial.

Seeing my favorite games like Super Mario 3D Land, Pokémon Y, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D on the high-resolution, modern 3D display of the Lume Pad is incredible compared to the original 3DS display.

Thank you so much for bringing this to the community!


This is so awesome, look forward to it. Thanks for your efforts!


Does pokemon Y play well on lume pad.

Can you suggest which other 3ds games run well on lume pad hardware.

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@balajis17 Pokémon Y plays pretty great! The game has issues on the actual 3DS hardware (lots of frame drops) and so it plays basically the same way on Lume Pad, maybe a little slower. Still, looks phenomenal! You can see a pic I took of it on my LeiaPix account…

Here is some details on how the best games work on Lume Pad:


I just got my lume pad 2. Any idea if jakedowns is going to have the 3ds and virtual boy emulators working on it, kind of bummed they are not in the appstore. I was excited to try out the citra emulator on the lumepad 2 since it has SD 888 and should be better for emulation and also an Sd card slot which allow more stuff to be loaded to the tablet. Hopefully i can try them soon. Maybe jakedowns can port the Vr version of the psp emu and any other emulators that support 3d.

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doin my best to get it wired up and made available as time allows. i’ll definitely post back when it’s ready for testing (hopefully very soon)


This would be good. I loved the Virtual Boy.

virtual boy has been ported and should be showing in the app store thanks to @simongellis


Congrats again @jakedowns and @simongellis! Looking forward to a gaming hang with the community to celebrate soon!


Some cool emulation Thanks for the hard work.

Are there any plans to port emulators for other old retro game systems that also supported 3D.

As a collector of things 3D I have 3D glasses for my Sega Master system and Nintendo famicom. They use the flashing left and right field / active glasses technology. I have one older passive LCD 3D TV that would convert this signal to be utilized with passive technology I thought that was very cool. The catch was I had to use an upscan converter converting the RGB signal to a high quality 1080p HDMI signal. As the TV would only support this mode while in 1080p. Versus the legacy systems output composite…

I figured this would be a great chance for the 3D tablet to see some of these games running on it and possibly maybe some cool homebrew m

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