VVB on Lume Pad 2

VVB (Virtual Virtual Boy) has been released on Lume Pad 2!

This emulator was originally developed by @simongellis and ported to Lume Pad 2 by @simongellis and @jakedowns.

It allows you to play software that’s been compiled to work with the Virtual Boy.

It comes bundled with incredible home-brew software from the community including Formula V, the VUEngine Platformer Demo, and Fishbone.

You can also rip ROMs from your own Virtual Boy games to play on it. My favorites include Virtual Boy Wario Land, Red Alarm, and Jack Bros.

You’ll definitely want to give this a try! My favorite way to play is with an XBOX controller, with the on-screen controls disabled, and with the image full-screen stretched to fit the Lume Pad 2’s screen. It looks STUNNING!

Make sure to enjoy both the incredible Homebrew and the classics, most are exclusive to the Virtual Boy!


I came across this recently and it works really well.

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