Hey all, after contemplating this device for a few weeks (after getting a random advert) I’ve taken the plunge at it arrives tomorrow.

I’m aiming to see if I can do artwork in 3d (like the old colors 3D! Software) and maybe some VB/3DS stuff.

I’m imagining at best it’s decent and at worst it’s still a good high end android tablet. Don’t really care about android 11 (the last one I used was….FroYo….and maybe 6?).

I have an interest in 3D as an artistic medium and am going to attempt some stuff, hopefully it’s fun!

As an aside I have a Sonar Pen, this shouldn’t harm the light field display right? (My iPad and switch use a screen protector, but in the past those plastic discs caused havoc on early displays).

Anyways, super excited to see what I can squeeze out of this thing!

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Welcome to the Lume Pad community @PixelPaintbrush!

A stylus like that won’t impact the Lightfield structures specifically (they’re actually behind the screen) but you might scratch the glass screen, which would obviously not look great. But the screen is pretty sturdy, so test it yourself if you’re feeling up to the risk.

You may want to play around with Clay on the Leia appstore. It’s a simple art app that lets you mold clay with your fingers.

You can also try to upload your pre-existing art into LeiaPix Converter to adjust the depth map or design some depth maps yourself. The best way to get the art onto Lume Pad is either render it in 3D SBS or Quad Lightfield for viewing in LeiaPlayer. Or make a 3D model and upload it to SketchFab, which makes it automatically viewable in LeiaViewer.

Let us know if you have any questions once you start to play with it!