Lume Pad Goals

What is the main use, or feature that you plan to use on the Lume Pad?
Do any early adopters have plans for anything set going into October? I plan to do some drone photography and learn more about LeiaTV, and learn how to mod a few emulators and PC games to play in 3D. Rise of the tomb raider looks really good even on the smaller screen of the RH1 so really hyped to try a bigger screen.


Hi Landon (again !)

The Lume Pad was designed for commercial purposes and Leia will be unveiling a series of partnerships in different verticals over the course of the next few months. The creators edition is first and foremost a tool to help the community create, share and enjoy Lightfield content for those businesses – whether it is drone aerials, product shots, CG animations or interactive 3D content. And of course it will be fun and instructive to share your creations with the community via Holopix (pictures), LeiaStream (former LeiaTV for videos and animations) or LeiaLoft Store for apps. Welcome to our forum !


I’m thinking that by having a larger touch screen, I will be able to streamline the [4V] image editing workflow, onto one portable device.

Also LeiaStream Is looking like something I’d be very interested in.

(Nowhere near as exciting as what other people have mentioned.).


Definitely! I’m using a slightly edited Reshade with the unity script provided form the developers tools with a few adjustments for photos and games on Windows. The picture below is all of the 4 screens showing the _2x2 HV4 effect. Scripts work great, even when used for odd things

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If it wasn’t for the limited frame rate from unity it would be really great! But does a good job for photos live I need the magic Activate H4V button. Come to think about it now that I’m learning more about SteroPhotoMaker if that could be full screened border-less it may work too for live h4V view.

Or even better, adapt 3DSteroid Pro to work in H4V