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Tell us what you’re working on and how you made it! Excited to see what you’ve been enjoying in 3D.

I’ll go first! Here’s a VR360 Project shot in Trinidad and Tobago.

I created this project with my friend Hugh Hou and you can read about it more at the link below!

We used Insta360 Pro Cameras, Zoom Mics, and did extensive work with musicians in the local community to get this story. The narrator’s name is Trevor, community leader in the town we visited. Enjoy!

More about how we made this!


Am using stereo imagery to represent Time in art. Duchamp said: What art is, in reality, is this missing link, not the link which exists. It is not what you see that is art; art is the gap… I use two different images and provoke the brain to combine them - a constantly changing interpretation that is nothing like the static quality of stereo images made at the same instant. That the images are made at different times gives each stereo, whether photographic, drawn or a combination of both, a new vitality. I have worked in this area for many years, initially showing stereos in books, then phone apps and now the Lume Pad.

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Thank you @alfredyoung653 for such a beautiful way of expressing time through the act of creation. It reminds me of Miles Davis and his approach to using space and time. What is not heard, being as important as what is heard, no mistakes as everything can resolve in the audiences mind. :musical_note: :trumpet:

Do you have any images you could share with us? I’d love to see them on Lume Pad 2.

Very inspired by your intention with stereo here. Do you happen to have a LeiaPix account yet?

Dear Marlon
I tried to send you some images but was refused. I think it was because I included three images so I’ve reduced it to just this one. Your reference to Miles Davis was apt. It hadn’t occurred to me before.

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Hello Marion and everyone reading this.
I’m not a regular here but I have the first Lume pad. Got it sometime when It first came out but not a per-order. It has it’s weaknesses but man I thought it was the coolest thing since the 3ds. I thought I have to make art on this (and games eventually but I’m learning on Godot so making (2d-holo-games) for the Lume pad might not happen for me for quite a while)

Since the moment I got it I’ve been trying to get my 2d Digital paintings/drawings to be 3d on this. Lots of frustration and time spent researching and testing, getting on this forum talking to people. The pix app on the lume pad, with the sliders and stuff works but for my art and even old photos it wasn’t giving the kind of results I was looking for.

I need to be able to make my own depth map and put it into the image. Any adjustments I could do after seeing the result. Which, for me its like using Hue/saturation/value to create contrast and interest. I can add depth to that list. Sounds awesome to me. Playing around with the depth map could bring some creative uses of it. Getting nowhere I decided to stop and try again later.

I looked into those other software that can make depth maps from images but there’s no way to put them back into the picture, if I’m even saying that right in a technical sense I dont know but I hope you understand what I’m saying. So those other software don’t help.

I check back at one point and Leia came out with an online 2d to 3d converter that you can paint on. I was ecstatic. Till I tried it. It was painful to use, even putting a lot of time and pushing through the chunkiness of the web-app, I tried my best to use it but It needed a lot of improvement before It would be of any practical use, in the way I want to use it.

Today I turned on my Lume pad first time in a while, This art thing and gaming are, or rather would be, the only reason I would use the Lume pad. The tablet itself is not made for doing digital art on, Drawing/painting I mean. The screen is made for holographic, it’s not sensitive enough for digital art whatsoever. Maybe the Lumepad2 is but I wouldn’t know. Anyway I tried logging in, for some reason my account isn’t there. Requesting a new password through email doesn’t work. Yes I could try making a new account but I just don’t want to right now.

I do want to check out the new 2d to 3d app to see if there’s been improvements. But I just spent all day using this other app that lets you put in your own custom depth map. Exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Exactly its perfect. I spent all day messing around with it and had a blast. I’ll post a “sketch” I did.

After getting the “sketch” good enough I wanted to put it on the Lumepad and see how it looked. Uploaded it, open up Leiaplayer, open my image, hit the 3d slider aaannnddd it says “converting to 3d image”…I swore a bit. The app completely ignored my depthmap and made its own…which of course looked like doodoo. I thought maybe it was a user error so update the Tablet software, then mess around with file formats, there’s this new option of adding a tag to the image its a 3d image, Quad4v and something else, 2x2 or 2x1. Its new to me so I start learning about what it means and trying to get it to work. I was rushing and I barely understand How to get it to work but I understand it enough to know it has more to do with the angle of the screen and the viewers eyes. Like tilting the screen to look behind something. That’s awesome but I need to get the depthmap working first. Also Like Alfredyoung653 said there’s probably other ways that it can be used.

Anyway I’m not sign up for a new account right now. there’s a chance Id find that updates to the 2d to 3d converter has made it possible to do what I’m aiming to do and it would be smooth with no hassle. But its just as likely that It would take me awhile to figure out how to get what I’m aiming for, or regardless of how much time I spend its just not possible atm.

Anway, I saw this thread in my research and thought, I spent all that time today, I’m happy with the result (outside of the Lumepad) It would be fun to share it.

Keep in mind this is a “prototype” not a finished art whatsoever and I still see plenty of adjustments in the depth map that are needed. But I did get to learn a lot about how to “paint” the depth map to get better results. And I get to share it here, so Its really a loss, just slight disappointment I cant see it on my lume pad. I’m uploading a Gif so its lost the feel of personally looking “into” the painting.
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Love your depth animation @HumansNowIn3D! This is exactly the magic LeiaPix Converter unlocks for artists. Kudos!

Here is an image I took at Central Park in New York over the weekend and generated a depth map, animation, and Side by side for viewing on any 3D device. (2)


It makes me happy that you appreciate it Marlon. Very much. The photo of the butterfly next to that flower is incredible! Life has amazing beauty around us, sometimes harder to see other times its so clear its awe inspiring. You were there at that moment of the awe inspiring type and you were able to take a snap shot of that moment in time. That must have been a good feeling. To make it even better you have the Leia technology to add that extra dimension, or rather, bring it back out of the photo. The stuff Leia has been making is remarkable. I’m thankful for it. It’s inspiring in a sense as I mentioned in my earlier post.
I’ll post more work as I get better at implementing this kind of 3d. Even when its hard I find it satisfying. I also enjoy seeing what others are making. I’ll pop back in every so often.

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Thank you @HumansNowIn3D thats the spirit! I was casually walking when I saw this majestic creature flying around me! Luckily I had a camera on me. As they say, the best camera is the one you have on you :smile:

I look forward to more of your wonderful art! I’ll share some more projects and tutorials as well. My next creative project shall be using Lume Pad 2 (you can also use a mobile phone) to scan in 3D!

Perhaps a Noguchi Sculpture from the museum near my home.

Take care @HumansNowIn3D !

Hi Marlon: I thought you might like to see how Lume Pad 2 handles drawings

Alfred Young

Wow! This is a lovely portrait. Was this a single drawing you converted into Stereo pairs?

Cheers Alfred! I’m enjoying your art very much. Thank you!

Its a pair of drawings. I eye-balled the parallax. Made them about five or six years ago. Have been waiting for good no-glasses 3D for years! Thank God for Leia!