Lume Pad 2 HDK released!

Happy Friday!

We have something special for all you DIY fans, industrial designers, and fans of tech accessories! As of today, you all now have access to our hardware development kit! :gift:

This HDK will allow you to make peripherals and accessories for your Lume Pad 2 / Nubia Pad 3D.

Not only does this open up the playground for experimentation and creativity, it also enables you to produce your own accessories and build your own brand as a designer!

:joystick: Retro arcade experiences
:briefcase: Covers and stands
:clapper: Production accessories

Have ideas for cool accessories to make with the kit? Drop them in the comments!


Can I use LeiaViewer to display the *.step files in the HDK? If not, what is your recommendation for converting the files to a different format? Thanks.

The wonderful Convert3D project just launched recently, which actually does all the conversion locally on your device using your own device’s compute using WebAssembly.

I’d recommend converting to .gltf, as that’s the most popular universal format these days.

Be warned: these are CAD files for hardware design, they don’t look pretty, as they’re not 3D models made for art or anything of the sort. They also don’t have any textures, they’re just models.

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I downloaded the *.step files from github, but Convert3D cannot read them. I tried the download on both Windows and Linux. (The size of the Lume Pad 2 step file is 5,128,460 bytes on both operating systems. Is that the correct size?) Also, Adobe Acrobat Reader cannot open the files (says file type is not supported or file is damaged). Any suggestions? Thanks.


Maybe try renaming the extension to .stp, as that’s what’s shown on the site.

This would be to be expected.

I suggest that if you don’t have a specific reason to use the files in a CAD software, you don’t spend your time trying to view them. To reiterate, they’re not interesting to look at. They’re just to show dimensions of the chassis for hardware design.

I tried changing the extension to .stp, but it didn’t help. As for your “suggestion”, I’m only trying to help you by politely telling you that the information you posted about Convert3D did not work. If I were you, I would welcome that kind of information from forum users. For all I know, there might have been an error in uploading the files to github. And there’s no need to second-guess what I want to do with the files. You already said they were not pretty. I just thought it would be cool to show a 3D model of the Lume Pad 2, on the Lume Pad 2 itself. I doubt if I’m the only one who had that thought.

This is strange, because the conversion app should be universal with all model files.

But the models are not meant to be converted. Those that are using them properly will be using software that can read them as-is.

Others on Twitter have already shown examples of working with them, and some have done some weird things like bring the files into Unity, so I’m not worried about them being uploaded incorrectly or anything like that.