New case for lumepad2

I can’t be the only one that hate folio cases can we get a regular case for the pad

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Hey @eazyedd2,

We announced the Lume Pad 2 HDK with all the dimensions of the device.

We also announced we won’t be requiring a license for any hardware or accessories made for Lume Pad 2.

Any manufacturer who wants to can make a Lume Pad 2 case now. Feel free to reach out to your favorite accessory manufacturer and ask them to make a case for Lume Pad 2!

If you’re interested, there’s also the Magnetic Sleeve for Lume Pad 2 from Waterfield Design.

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I agree. I have ordered the case without reading the description and thinking to a normal case as it was for my Lume Pad 1. Then discovered it is “folio” kind: aesthetically very very nice, really elegant, but no protection for falls at the edges (actually, considering that the pad is not very light, I’m worried that overall it increases chances of damages since it can falls out of the cover if improperly taken).