Lume Pad 2 Case

Anyone know of any decent 3rd party cases (or even how to get hold of a Lume Pad 2 official case) here in the UK?

Waterfield Designs ships their Magnetic Sleeve for Lume Pad 2 internationally:

I got mine by shipping it to my shop and ship US address a subsidiary of Aramex shop and ship forwarded it to me in Australia for 42 AUD .

I’m in the same boat. I just want the official case/cover which which fits well and has the ability to act as a stand. The official cover is out of stock everywhere, and no one is selling it internationally. I spent longer than I’m willing to admit to confirm it’s impossible to get.

Do not get the one from amazon you’ll find if you search, it’s terrible. Slightly better than nothing… but the camera cut out is too small and the way you have to clip it in is a massive faff.

If anyone reading this has an official cover they are willing to sell someone that’s willing to be ripped off in order to get one - let me know :rofl: I love the lume pad and want to use it as a daily driver, but it’s hampered by not having a cover which can act like a stand too - like you can get with ease for most tablets. I can put it in a cover along with a separate stand I know (and is what I’m doing right now) but it’s not the same.

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Same here, I would also love to get the official case - is there a chance that they will become available again in the future?

Back, by popular demand, the official Lume Pad 2 Cover is once again available in our store and Amazon Lume Pad