Buy the LumeCover with your Pad

There are no other covers available and you’re going to want one.

If you decide to get a cover later, like I did, they’re only available through Leia and the only shipping option costs half the price of the cover. So get it with the lumepad to save 20 bucks on shipping.

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Well, I bought the cover after the L2 purchase, paid the premium, arrived quickly, But not like the original cover, no “stays” in upper corners to hold tablet upright. There is a magnet to hold tablet in place when folded flat, but don’t work with the “detents” used to hold tablet at various angles. I’m writing this on original Lume pad with cover holding tablet in nice upright position. Wondered if I got one with manufacturing defect.

Ok, I take it back. The new cover can be folded, as shown in the “Buy” cover, and works fine. My senior moment of the day. I continue to be a Happy Lume Pad customer. So, yes, buy the cover with your tablet.