Lume Case Front Cover Blocks Camera

I bought the case to protect my Lumepad so I was disappointed that the front cover cannot be folded back completely and still use the camera. The front panel covers the camera in this position. The front panel should fold in sections, but it is too stiff. I have an iPad cover/case that folds into three sections and its camera is not covered. I want the LumePad front cover to fold, it has grooves where it could fold but is too stiff. Is it defective?

Hiya Javamind,

Good point really, I think the cover is mostly designed to stand up the screen , bit of a design flaw I guess. I wonder if there are generic covers you can get for it at all?

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the question. Can you send a video of the issue to our team and they can check if there was a defect. Please reach out to

-Joe from the Leia Tam

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