Lume Case Puts Lume Pad Unexpectedly To Sleep

I just got my Lume Case today and I noticed that the case puts the tablet to sleep when I have an app open and I rotate it from portrait to landscape. This occurs when the screen cover is swung all the way around where it’s touching the back of the tablet. I hear a click and feel a haptic vibration as if the power button was pressed. This seems to occur with all apps that support screen rotation.

It’s possible that the magnetic cover is slightly too strong. Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes, I noticed the same thing. Suspect its the same issue with the case cover wrapped backwards for easier holding but it intermittently triggers sleep. I assume from the magnetic sensor.

No solution here?

Can’t imagine how there could be so I hold my pad and case differently not allowing the cover to swing over. The sensors are hardware and can’t be changed. I want the pad to go to sleep when I close the cover.

The problem is that the magnet in the lower right corner of the lid (viewing it in portrait orientation) is too strong. Leia would either have to manufacture these cases with weaker magnets or add shielding in the corner of the case back. The fix can be isolated to the case. But Leia has to want to fix this. So far I’ve not heard anything.

I still don’t understand what the problem is

If you’re familiar with the iPad Smart Folio case, the Lume case is similar. You can fold the lid in such a way as to create a stand for the device. The lid also contains a magnet that wakes up the device when you open it and, conversely, puts the device to sleep when you close the case lid on the screen much like the Smart Folio case. The problem is when you fold the lid all the way on back of the device and you change the orientation of the device, the device goes into sleep mode as if the power button was pressed. It even makes the click sound when this occurs.

So far, Leia has not said anything about this problem.

This issue has been shared with the Leia team and we’ll keep you posted! We appreciate the shared best practices.

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Here is a best practice example visual for keeping your Lume Pad case on and not putting it to sleep

That’s not going to work very well when I hand the Lume Pad to someone else. I may try to affix a non-conducting material near the corner and see if that works better.

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This is my low tech solution that seems to work: a quarter affixed to the corner using double sided 3M tape. Maybe you guys can manufacture a non-magnetic logo that can be placed in that corner.

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