Compatible 3rd party cases?

Hey, I got the default lumpad case and I don’t really like it. The screen cover gets in the way or flops around uselessly when I’m trying to use the camera. I just want something that will make it easier to hold, like a silicone case. I dont need the folio flap. Is there anything that will work?

Good news there is an excellent case that works beautifully with the Lumepad. I bought mine at Walmart Canada, it was about $25 Canadian. There is a mini flap that protects the lenses when closed and when open you can take pictures easily. I wish I could put a picture into this post but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

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Thanks for the tip, @WOWITS3D :100: If you’d like to post a photo here click the icon next to the quotes just above the text field. See here :point_right: Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 4.56.46 PM|690x250

For more rugged use-cases, I’ve used this case (Amazon Link Here)- the description says max tablet size is 10.4 inch but the case stretches and fits the 10.8 inches Lume Pad.


Any info on the brand?

Nice @Joe_Hill! That looks like a great value. Now that spring is here in NY I’ve been going out to Central Park to shoot photos of the bloom. Will definitely need to get one of these.

I’ll be there tomorrow so I’ll check for you
I think it was Onn but I’m not sure.

The silicon case is definitely a shortcoming of this model, especially if you’re used to the leather of the Amazon Fire line. It does feel rather awkward and how thin it is makes me feel nervous about how well the tablet is protected. (might be fine: is just a feeling)

I finally got a chance to go to Walmart, it’s a Black Web model 2146A Universal Folio Case with magnetic closure. As you can see from the picture there’s a fold down flap for taking pictures that folds up to protect the lenses.


Thanks for sharing @WOWITS3D!! :100: :dizzy:

You’re very welcome I hope you enjoyed the case. I wish CYCLOPITAL3D would make a wide angle lens adapter for this tablet as they did for the Fuji 3D!

I see. I appreciate the time you took to look that up, truly. I am hoping to find a non-folio case that’s compatible. Something to just make it easier to hold mainly, without all the extra stuff getting in the way.

Thanks for the tip Joe, I just ordered one to try it out!

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Let me know how you like it!

I absolutely love It - it fits perfectly And I love the fact that I can hang it around my neck and then just pick it up and take pictures! Thank you so much for the suggestion!

Great to hear!

Hi - just got a Lume Pad and purchased the Cooper Trooper 2K case. The tablet fits - believe I put it in upside down so the power button could be accessed but that blocks the power outlet. Did you have to trim some of the case to access the charge port or is there a better solution?

OK I posted that in May and it is now August so I’ve had more of a chance to see how the silicon case holds up and I have to say, it’s pretty good. Works just about as well as the leather ones so I’d say get the official silicon case.

Anyone have this Lumepad third party case with built-in keyboard? If so please post a quick review.


Just FYI, that’s an unofficial accessory. I’ve never seen it before. If anyone takes a chance on it I’d also be interested in seeing some first-hand accounts and pics of it in action!