Winning four CES 2023 Innovation Awards!

Hey everyone!

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone here for your support and dedication to 3D Lightfield creativity and development. This year as a community we celebrate FOUR CES 2023 Innovation Awards given for the following categories:

  1. Lume Pad (2023): Computer Hardware & Components (also won in 2021)
  2. Leia 3D Lightfield Display: Computer Peripherals & Accessories
  3. Leia 3D Lightfield: Embedded Technologies
  4. Leia 3D Lightfield: Gaming

Learn more about what’s coming ahead and what we are showing at CES this year at the following link! For up to the minute news and coverage of CES, do follow our social channels and give us a shout!


Marlon, Social and Community Manager


Congratulations, Leia!
I’m waiting to see what’s next…




Thanks, Stuart! Glad you’re here!

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Thank you, Marco! Happy to be building the future together! Excited for what’s coming next.

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Can’t wait to get my hand on the Leia monitor and glad to see you are releasing another phone as well. Still think my Titanium Hydrogen is the best phone ever made and thought there might never be another so I got an extra black hydrogen in storage and got my mom and girlfriend Titanium’s so I could steal them if something happened to mine since there not techys.

When At&t cancelled service for them because they weren’t 5G compatible I cancelled my account that was over 20 years old and switched to Verizon. I was prepared to be like the old guy with a flip phone still rocking my Hydrogen until they force me off while everyone else is on Iphone 70 :smile:

I hope one of the next hardware projects you tackle is a smart TV with a larger screen and consider an OLED panel if the lightfield layer will work on them. It would be awesome if you added to ability to convert video games and streaming services to 3D on the fly. Doing that would make you hands down the most unique TV on the market.



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Congratulations :slight_smile:

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