Saying Farewell to Lume Pad (2020)

To all those that love the Lume Pad,

The original Lume Pad will always be close to our hearts. It was the first Leia-branded device, the first “Lume Pad” product, and our first foray into our second-generation LeiaSR display technology. Even after production and support for the device stopped, we continued to ensure apps and services on the device continued to work so the 3D Lightfield screen could shine.

However, we will have to end our software support for the Lume Pad (2020) next month nearly four years after release, and two years after we stopped selling the original Lume Pad. Effective July 31st, 2024, Leia will no longer be supporting the Lume Pad (2020), either with bug and platform fixes, nor with customer service and support. We will also shut down the Leia Appstore on Lume Pad (2020) and stop serving apps through it. However, as a courtesy to Lume Pad (2020) owners, Leia is offering the Final Builds for Lume Pad (2020) at this link. These are provided with no warranty, express or implied.

Despite the above, all apps that don’t use internet services should still work, and some apps that do use internet services may still work too. These include the Lume Link feature in LeiaPlayer (named LeiaLink on future devices), LeiaTube, and the LeiaPix app. However, Leia does not guarantee continued operation, and you should expect that these internet-connected features will stop working at some point in the future.

Lume Pad (2020) was the culmination of years of hard work at Leia – which is why we kept supporting it as long as we did.

As we step into the latter half of 2024 and beyond, new devices by multiple LeiaSR licensees are already making their way into the hands of creators and 3D professionals all over the world. We’re as excited as they are to grow the 3D ecosystem and dedicate our energy toward the future of 3D. We continue our commitment to delivering stunning experiences with our LeiaSR technology.

For everyone that loved the Lume Pad - like we did - you have our gratitude. All of the software you adore - like LeiaPlayer, LeiaPix, and LeiaCam - are available on Lume Pad 2 and will continue to evolve on newer LeiaSR devices. In fact, we can’t wait to show you what’s coming next.

Thanks once again for being part of our journey with Lume Pad (2020), and we hope you and your loved ones experience with it brought you countless joyful memories.

With gratitude,
The Leia Lume Pad Team


Really sad, but it’s understandable. Even Meta has deprecated support of Quest 1, and they have a bajillion dollars. Seems like there’s still a lot of action coming this year for 3D, so hopefully the entire ecosystem will grow.


I really appreciate that Leia cares about users. Of course they can’t always say yes to every request people make, but at least saying no is better than saying nothing like many companies do and when they cease support for a product, at least they make up a post like this of their final software builds to allow users to fix things themselves to some extent.

I just noticed today that my Lume Pad has finally started to exhibit the battery swelling that others have reported which causes the screen to pop out, so it looks like we’re near the physical end of life for many of these devices anyway. In an ideal world, everything would have a replaceable battery so that a device like this could live on indefinitely through end user repairs, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to do that when I bought it so this at least isn’t unexpected. I got a good several years of use out of the Lume Pad. Still, if anyone knows of a repair method to replace the battery anyway, that could be of interest. :slight_smile:

Instead of the Lume Pad 2, I elected to purchase the Acer Predator Helios 3D 15 SpatialLabs Edition laptop, which contains Dimenco technology to give it the 3D screen, which Leia has recently purchased, so I’m still going to be around as a Leia user for a while longer despite the Lume Pad nearing its physical end of life.

However, interestingly enough, my RED Hydrogen One still keeps on ticking with no problems so far. I gave it one of the free data-only SIM cards that comes with Google Fi, so even though it isn’t my daily driver phone, it does get Internet when I take it out. I even used it to play music while inner tubing on a river all day long last year and it didn’t even run out of battery. That is an extremely nice and durable phone.


Acer laptop is pretty sick, came down in price too. Sadly the software (like 2D to 3D) doesn’t always work as well as Leia does, but overall it’s really nice quality at 4K and can play PC games.