Implied dependency in Leia CNSDK on

Have observed that the CNSDK sample app catastrophically crashes on a couple of android devices (including glasses-free stereo 3D “IQHD Skyy” tablet) with error:

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: library "" not found

Perhaps due to some vendors not supplying this library with their device system libraries?

But this is a big problem for developers who would like to provide optional support for stereo 3D on the Lume Pad 2, because it means their app may break unpredictably (crash-on-load) in the field on certain devices; simply having linked against CNSDK would apparently be sufficient to trigger the crash on affected devices.

Please investigate whether there is an implied dependency on and modify the CNSDK configuration if possible to remove unnecessary coupling, to allow developers to integrate the CNSDK with less likelihood of “random” breakage in their apps

Topic as discussed in google issue tracker (173726684)

From that post it seems that was introduced in Android 10/API 29. So if a project has its min sdk set below that (e.g. 24), attempting to import Leia CNSDK is likely to fail. Again, for developers looking to optionally run their app on Leia hardware, attempting to support the CNSDK means their app would crash unpredictably in the field on other devices. So please consider addressing this in future CNSDK updates, thank you