Instructions for using Leiapix converter

I have been using the web based Leiapix converter to make side by side stereoscopic pairs and some of the results have been good, but I have been unable to find any instructions for how to use the depth map or the settings for depth, size, hardness and opacity, or the meaning of “Picker” and “Level” that appear on the page with the sliders for the settings - Are there written instructions anywhere?

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Yes, that would be really helpful for me too!!

Hey @FF3D,

Thanks for the feedback! We tried to align with the verbiage and icons we’ve seen other tools use, but this tells us that if you don’t have experience with other tools it might not be intuitive. We’ll take this into account and look into make documentation about LeiaPix Converter. Until then, you can check out this posts from our blog for more information about how to use the tool, including answering many of the questions you had.

I looked at the posts from your blog. I get the basic idea that the dark parts of the depth map represent things that are further away, but much more documentation is needed. Having created a SBS pair, suppose a person’s head is too far back - but the rest of the person’s body looks right - I have no idea how to use the depth map to modify an existing SBS pair, and then save the results, nor I do I understand the opacity control. A Youtube video that shows exactly what to do would be useful - provided that it deals specifically with side by side pairs.

Hey @FF3D,

We’ll take your feedback into account. You can also look on YouTube to see various creator’s tutorials on LeiaPix Converter.

That said, for the kind of thing you’re talking about (touching up highly detailed areas like a person’s face), LeiaPix Converter is probably not the tool you’re looking for. The current version of LeiaPix Converter is optimized for new users and making it easy for anyone to jump in and make minor depth edits. For more advanced touchups like you’re discussing, you’d want to use a more advanced depth map editing tool like Adobe Illustrator.

We will be adding more advanced options in the future that will allow you to edit depth maps in other apps and bring them into LeiaPix Converter.