Leia missing out in possible ssles

The NHS in the UK are testing out VR head sets to let Doctors and patient interact with out having to visit a clinic.

Leia technology would do this with out all the fuss of putting on a VR head set.

Also I think the VR head are expensive

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Hi Roger!

We also love the fact that this immersive experience is eyewear free. In fact, Dr. Itamiya in Japan is making incredible health tech apps on his NubiaPad3D/LumePad2! He did this by creating an app made in Unity 3D and importing 3D anatomy models that he uses in his practice and teaching curriculum.

Here is a tweet that showcases the results! https://twitter.com/t_itamiya/status/1658116611830587394?s=20

You can also connect an XBox controller and interact with the app!

To get started anyone can find our Unity3D SDK here

Excited to see what other health tech apps are made by our community!

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