Leia Unity SDK v0.6.21 released!

The latest Leia Unity SDK 0.6.21 is now available and may be downloaded from Lume Pad SDK and Developer Resources | Leia Inc. or Leia Inc Github.


    Added a feature - Parallax 3D backgrounds. Users can render a scene with tuned LeiaCamera Baseline, then add in a 3D background with separate Baseline tuning. 
    This addresses an issue where content near the convergence plane and content in the background / skybox sometimes could not both be shown with the best depth that developers desired.

    Promoted Auto-focus to a Module.
    Consolidated common parameters and methods for LeiaDepthFocus, LeiaRaycastFocus, and LeiaTargetFocus into one base LeiaFocus script.

2021-10-05 - 2021-11-08
    Improved the LeiaMediaRecorder's UI. LeiaMediaRecorder can now record tiled n x m LeiaMedia content to a user-specified directory.

    LeiaMediaViewer:  added MediaScaleMode option for controlling whether LeiaMediaViewer draws in game world or in pixel-perfect screen space.
        World XYZ - behaves as any other object in the scene: respects transform and perspective distortion.
        OnscreenPercent - use screen coordinates with given scale and offset percentage.Pixel-perfect view guaranteed for OnscreenPercent = [0, 0, 1, 1]

Fixes (truncated)

2021-12-08 to 2021-09-30
    Resolved issues with LeiaCamera UI, convergence plane UI, LeiaCamera.CameraShift
    Introduced a MinMaxPair data type to resolve several min/max UI issues
    Resolved issues with LeiaRemote settings
    Resolved issues with LeiaRecommendedSettings UI
    Resolved issues with LeiaAutoFocus family of scripts
    Resolved issues with LeiaMediaViewer UI
    Resolved issues with LeiaPostEffectsController running reflection calls for every Behaviour on original Camera and LeiaView every frame
    Resolved issue with OSX TiledGPUPerf, some deprecated calls to UnityEngine namespaces


The latest documentation is available at Unity SDK Guide - Developer Docs
Commit SHA be721670

Happy creating in Lightfield!

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