LeiaChat Version 1.2.139 is now available!

We’ve released the new version of LeiaChat to the Leia Appstore!

This new version has a few new features we know you’re going to love:

LeiaChat 1.2.139 Release Notes:

  • Rear Camera Support! You can now switch to use the rear camera to show the person you’re chatting with what’s in your world.
  • Backgrounding Support. The 3D video call will now continue in the background even if you hit the home button or switch to a 2D app. If you switch to a 3D app, your video will cut out for the person you’re chatting with, but audio will continue.
  • Updated internal frameworks and services.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

These features make LeiaChat even better. Please update to the new version of LeiaChat and enjoy the best 3D video chat in the world!

We’ve released a new minor update for this version: LeiaChat Version 1.2.140 is now available!