Leiachat for other devices

I have been using (and still use :slight_smile: ) holochat of my H1 with some friends and relatives having an H1; now I have just received my Lume pad 2 and I see that app, Leiachat. However no friends (yet) has Lume pad 2 … I think it would be great to develop or allow to develop (making available some specific library) a Leiachat companion for other 3D devices (e.g. Lume pad 1 and H1) to increase its usability. Is there any possibility for that?

Hey @m.farina,

Anyone can make a 3D chat app on as many platforms as they want, and use the Leia SDK for Leia devices. You should reach out to Google for Meet, Microsoft for Teams, and Zoom to see if they’re interested in adding support for your favorite platforms.

Of course Nima :grinning: But it is not what I meant. I was thinking “porting” Leiachat on other devices, at least in the Leia family (like Lumepad 1) to increase the number of addressable devices…

LeiaChat will come to future devices, but there’s no plan to bring it to legacy devices.

It’s better to get bigger platforms like Zoom to adopt 3D.

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