Leialoft store on Hydrogen One keeps downloading

Since a few days from time to time I have noticed my H1 downloading “Leialoft store” automatically (I see in the status bar the arrow indicating the download, and it is indicated “downloading Leialoft…”), even if I’m not under wifi; I don’t know if it is actually downloads anything, since there is no notification and I don’t find files in the phone that let me think that something has been actually downloaded. Since it is no longer supported, an update would be strange (even if I would be happy :slight_smile: ); on the other hand, not being in Playstore, I don’t know how to avoid it to automatically update, wasting data.

Hey Marco,

We’re not sure what’s going on, as since RED Hydrogen One is no longer supported, we don’t test new updates on it. We did update the Appstore backend last week, but we have no idea whether or not that affects RED Hydrogen One users.

If it continues to occur please let us know.