LeiaPix: Some photos no longer appear in Newest feed

Just noticed that some photos are no longer showing in the Newest feed. I posted four pictures in a row on Saturday, all four were back then in the Newest feed, but right now only one of them still shows up there. The photos are still there, just not in the Newest list.

Has anyone else encountered this?

Hey @alexzeder,

We have content moderators that may hide content from the public feeds if they have generally inappropriate content that doesn’t break any rules, are of very poor image or depth quality, or are uncomfortable for the average person to look at. Anyone who follows you will still see this content in their Home Feed and will of course see it on your account page, it just won’t show up in the Discover tab (hashtags, Featured, Newest) unless it’s expressly searched for using the Search feature.

If there’s content of yours that you think has been filtered you can always feel free to message me and I can check for you to see if that’s the case or it’s a bug.