LeiaPix posts have disappeared

I just noticed that all of my posts have disappeared from LeiaPix. I don’t see a delete all button so I’m unclear what happened. I can try and repost but is there some way to get them back?

Actually it looks like all posts more recent than 2018 have disappeared, so probably some server error. I would just wait until it is fixed. At beginning I thought some problem with my Hydrogen, and tried to delete cache and data with no success. But then I have verified the same on Lumepad.

Ok, thanks for info. I’ll check back later.

Just an update. My images have been restored now.

Hey @petert and @m.farina,

One of Leia’s backend engineers was running an updating script on the server earlier and that’s what caused user’s content to temporarily seem like it was missing.

I really apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. We’ll try to provide better heads up for server updates like this in the future.



Not a problem Nima. Thanks for the update.

Not a Problem to me, every Server needs Maintenance, would probably bei enough to make a Channel or Something where You could post possible Down-Times so that Users Know that it can get a little dodgy and don’t get in Panic.