LeiaPlayer 1.30 update issues


As i have Leia player on the phone it gets the updates before they are on Red Player.
This is kind of a beta before this version is Red Player
Now latest update of Leia player 1.3.0 is crappy.
All pics are gone, not accesable or swapped places where they should be in the folders of the player.

Hope this update doesn’t come to Red Player.

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Hey Christiaan, Sorry you are having trouble with the latest version of Leia Player. As you mentioned Leia Player is used as a beta version of RED Player so while you do get access to upcoming features you are also exposed to possible bugs while we are testing features and changes to the app.

I can assure you that any problems experienced on Leia Player will not make it to RED Player. Thanks for letting us know about this problem, I will make sure the team addresses it!


Where do you get Leia Player from? The only APK I see is 0.4.7:

Or do you install the APK, and then it gets its own updates?

Thats the reason i installed it.
Will let it k’ow here if i encounter any other problem with any of the beta.

If you push another update to fix the problem, i will notice it and give feedback

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Hey @Arthur Once you install the APK you should be prompted to install the updates to get you to the current version of Leia Player. Please let me know if you run into any issues!

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with the last update 1.3.1 it’s fixed (y)