LeiaPlayer 3 RH1 Support

Hello Pete, I still have this Combo Up and running, What do You mean by without Sim? It can operate without a Connection as a Camera and Viewer and Game Device If that’s what You are asking, no Clue about E-Sims If that’s what You are asking for.
WiFi would be beneficial though for App Updates, and You should keep in mind that there are no OS Updates, so I would avoid using Banking Apps and such.

For Photos and Videos it’s pretty great I think, but be aware that the camera ist mainly for closer Distances than the Fuji because of the smaller Lens Separation.


Sorry, I meant SIM card for the phone carrier. Does it need to be connected to a carrier to work or can it function with out?
Thanks for your update.

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I have one as Phone with Sim, and two just as Camera without Sim, You won’t be able to do Phone Calls without Sim of course, but as Camera and such it doesn’t need a Sim.


I have both, Fuji and RH1. As Johannes said, Fuji is better for landscapes and distant objects, while RH1 is amazing for close views. Fuji W3 is a disaster with low light, while RH1 is quite good (you may need to change settings -exposure, timing- manually however since in low light the automatic settings is not the best). It works even without SIM. While it is true that the OS is not updated, at the moment all apps receive regular updates, so that even security is not a very big issue when used as phone (of course you need some extra attention with anti virus and anti spywares). Personally I’m simply enthusiast about RH1 under any point of view, and think it is a perfect companion for Lumepad. RH1 OS can be actually manually updated to Android 9 (there is a thread in h4v forum), in case it is necessary.


… And @Johannes_Hainer thanks for both of your experiences. I figured there’s nothing to lose if I can get an affordable working model. I’ll look for that forum and not take up too much space about it here.


i just got one within the last couple months (at&t no SIM). i love it for gaming and taking pics on the go. and viewing leia pix, and streaming 3d sbs movies in bed. i might grab a second since theyre so affordable right now and they’re only gonna get more rare


Well, my RH1 battery bulged and pushed out the back cover. I have removed it (sadly it is somewhat destructive because the fake carbon fiber on the back is just permanent stickers) and it is impossible to find new replacement battery. Coincidence? :wink:
LumePad is somewhat unwieldy for casually taking photos ;(

Since you have removed the battery, did you try to see (with the help of some specialist in cell repair) if there is any possible battery that could fit, both in terms of specs and size? I would be surprised to discover that the battery was specifically designed only for RH1…

I ordered some battery with connector that looks the same (on the item photo) on eBay. We will see.
Sadly, the phone does not power on with an USB-C charger attached, it needs a battery.