LeiaPlayer flash frame

Just wanted to say that I love this tablet! Still experimenting with 4V conversions of my SBS photos and it’s exciting to see the technology and software evolve.

One thing I noticed with the last update to LeiaPlayer (or OTA) was that I’m getting a second black flash frame when viewing some images.

This happens consistently when viewing the Leia preloaded images of the Orchids->Lime->Magenta Stairs->Boat with mountain view. These are LIF images. There is a black frame with the sweep then an extra black flash frame after the image has loaded. I’d say about half of the Leia images flash.

When viewing my own SBS or 4V converted, normal. No flash frame. (These are all jpg images)

When viewing a directory of my own MPO’s it’s random. Sometimes it on the 5th pic, sometimes it’s the 20th. Never the same photo so it can’t be the image.

I’ve tried flushing the image cache in LeiaPlayer, examined image format, size, etc. but I can’t seem to find a pattern. The Leia images are all LIF but only about half do this.

Wondered if this was some sort of image process after load? It can get annoying when viewing multiple images.

Here’s what I’m seeing

Hey @petert,

Thanks for pointing this out, but the team is already on it! The next version of LeiaPlayer should eliminate black frames in the vast majority of situations.

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That’s great! Thanks for the update Nima.

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Just wanted to add that I am seeing this too on ALL the MPO files I view. I appreciated that this will be fixed in the next version of LeiaPlayer. Could I ask when that might be? Its very annoying and almost makes viewing the Lume Pad unusable when trying to view these images. Also, the comment about “…in the vast majority of situations” is a bit concerning. Could you explain what is causing it and why it can’t be eliminated in ALL situations?

There are a few things at play. The first black “flash” isn’t a bug, it’s an animation. We’ll be removing that, which may seem faster for most content but for content that’s larger and takes time to decode that process will no longer be hidden by the animation.

The second black flash you see on some images is a bug, and it has been squashed.

There shouldn’t be any other issues but with edge cases with strange and large files you simply never know.


@Nima Thanks for explaining. Could you clarify what you mean by “content that is larger” and “large files”? How large is large and when will the fixed version be available?

It takes some time to scale and open 3D content (and move it from storage into working memory/RAM). Anything under 4096x4096 resolution per view should usually be instant since no scaling is needed. The larger the image is, it takes longer to scale it down. However, as you know, not all images are created equal. Even two images with the same resolution can be wildly different sizes depending on the content, so that throws a wrench into it too in some cases. Ultimately it depends.

We’re not ready to commit to a hard date yet, but I’m confident LeiaPlayer 3.0 is coming sometime in September. And I know everyone will really like all the improvements!