Looks like the doc/stand consume some energy!

When I plug my below 33W charger directly in tablet I get this:


When I plug the same charger into the official doc/stand there is only a single lightning icon.

I had no problem using my below 33W charger plugged in the tablet directly ang getting a rapid charge message and having the tablet actually charge.

Now with the doc/stand and same charger I still get the rapid charge message but with only a single lightning icon and after a week now I can confirm the behavior is not the same as when charger is plugged directly in the tablet. As is the doc/stand steal some energy, enough that there is not enough left to be in charge mode even if the tablet report to be rapidly charging! Yes the message in the ‘Battery’ screen clearly says rapid charging.

N.B. I know a proper 33W+ charge would fix this, that’s not the issue here.

It is just that I thought the doc/stand had no circuitry that use energy? What’s up with that? Can we get the internal design of this doc/stand?

The issue isn’t that the below <33W charger doesn’t charge full speed through the dock, it’s that it shows two lightning bolts when plugged in directly. It shouldn’t do that :sweat_smile:

We’re not providing the schematics of the Lume Stand, but the Lume Connector pogo pins it uses is openly available on GitHub in the Lume Pad 2 HDK.

But you confirm the doc/stand draw some power? How much?

Here is the result I just tested. After a week on the doc/stand with my Quick Charge 3.0/PowerIQ 18W charger the tablet in the LeiaFrame mode for 5-6 continuous days at 5-10% brightness slowly drained the battery from 68% to 56%. The last 24hrs I just clicked the button to turn off the screen, I haven’t powered down the tablet and the battery was at 55%.

Today I took out the doc/stand to plug the charger in the tablet directly and 3hrs later I see the tablet fully charged.

I have another charger that can deliver 65W but now I’m wondering if, for the life and wear of the battery, if I should let sit the tablet running LeiaFrame 24hrs a day (until you hopefully add a timer in the next version) on the doc/stand with the 18W charger so it should run almost a full month then I would charge it to 100%.

Maybe that would be a better option than having a 65W charger keeping it 100% all the time?

No, it’s not a powered device, and doesn’t draw any power. It has an IC that regulates the power it passes through.

We recommend just using a 33W+ power adapter as recommended. The device will never draw more than it can use.

I don’t think it’s normal then that the charge rate is so affected if it is supposed to be only a passes through. Is it Firmware addressable? Just wondering if an update could happen later on…

But since you recommend 33W+ maybe that got you covered and that will save you from having a look.

It’s not a direct connection / USB power extension, the IC regulates the power that’s being requested from the adapter (like every other pogo pin-based dock including those for Pixel Tablet and Quest Pro and Quest 3).


Yes we recommend following the listed product guidance for expected results. If you use anything outside of the expected guidance, unexpected results should be expected and we can not provide support for it.

I love my lumepad 2
however I noticed that when I put it on its stand to charge it when it is completely closed, it stagnates at the same charging percentage or sometimes even decreases.
if I plug it directly into the Onko 67 watt block it charges quickly to 100% without problem, on another integrated charger on my sofa, it charges more slowly but also reaches 100% just like on a Samsung charger block for tablet.
with the lume stand, it barely reaches 79%
even after a full night.
Why you think?

to align the pins of the lume stand with the pins of the lumepad2 is sometimes not so simple,
I do this until the battery indicator works.
A few hours later I check, and sometimes the battery indicator doesn’t show anything at all.
so I have to start the process again.
I wonder if after a few hours on the stand, the weight of the lumepad2 would not affect the right angle of the pins so that the energy circulates properly to charge the lumepad2 battery.
What do you think?

Haven’t tested when tablet it turned off. But I have tested when tablet have the screen off, after a single press of the power button. My 18W charger works fine.

I will do that test with the tablet completely powered down to see if it still charge when on the stand and I will report back.

What wattage output from the charger plugged in the stand? And is the tablet running an application? I get similar result like I posted above, I mean when the tablet is on the stand and run LeiFrame on the 18W charger. It can runs for days just losing 2-3% a day.

Then suddenly in time this message will show up:


This mean the charging have stopped even tho I still see charging if I lift up the LeiaFrame app. I just lift from doc/stand and reseat and charge process will restart but like I said above the 18W charger for running the LeiaFrame app is not enough and it will slowly drain the battery over a long time (a few weeks) but maybe it’s better this way than having the battery 100% all the time, hard to tell.

I know what you mean, I had this feeling too but I think comes from the fact depending on the charge state, you’ll briefly see the charging ‘ligtning bolt’ icon then it goes away. There is a supposed ‘intelligent’ charging process that will charge only when the tablet think it’s appropriate for the battery. If the battery is in the 90% then this behavior will apply, you will just briefly see the chargin icon. If battery is much lower then the little chargin icon will stay.

On my Moto phone I can disable that ‘intelligent’ battery thing so I guess it’s an option that could be added by Leia but maybe they don’t want to add it and risk receiving support request about battery issues? I don’t know.

Thank you Daniel for taking the time to let me know!
I had read somewhere that the doc/stand could extend the battery life of the lumepad 2.
so, I wanted to use it to charge my battery more than for using leia frame.
so if the behavior of the stand does not deprogram the battery cycles but on the contrary protects it, I will continue to use it.
Another thing, I completely drained my battery while playing a 3D game while my tablet was plugged in after receiving a warning that my battery was low. After that,
no possibility of opening my LP2 even when plugged in. After several unsuccessful attempts, I tried on fast charging and wow, what a relief,
it restarted.
My question is what will happen when the battery is completely finished?
If only plugged into the mains, I will still be able to use it?

my Doc/stand is directly plugged into the onko 67w multi port

How is that possible? With a 33+ watts charger it should not happen if I follow @Nima instructions.

Should be ablt to use it but I know some devices don’t like to have a dead battery and will prevent functionning. Good question, possibly @Nima and a few employees/engineers could tell.

when I received the warning that my battery was low,
I immediately connected it to the USB A port with adapter usb C on my sofa and that’s when my battery completely drained. so on a normal load. no idea how many w?
after multiple readings in this forum I understood why.


Sep 22

J’ai eu quelque chose de similaire sur mon Nubia Pad 3D. Dans l’étrange occasion que j’ai complètement vidé la tablette et je vais la recharger avec la brique 33W et le cordon de charge usb fourni, il ne se chargera pas. Je dois ensuite utiliser un câble de charge usb beaucoup, beaucoup plus faible watt et la brique que l puis je suis en mesure de démarrer la charge … l obtenir à environ 4 ou 5% et puis je passe à la brique 33w et le câble de charge fourni et il semble alors tout à fait bien! Cela arrive toujours et est le processus l suivre si la tablette est drainée à zéro … ce que l don’t font souvent mais parfois ça arrive!