Lume Pad 2 Charger needed

Hello everyone I Am Fengu Yi, I am new to lumepad 2 as I just get one for first time. I have charger question, i have only 5 watt charger for it & was shocked it didn’t come with a charger, I was going buy 65 watt charger and am wondering is too much? I watch 3d movie and share many youtube video to 3d but many time I have stop mid video or movie because tablet get so low or die completely. What watt I need buy so I keep it charged so I able use it without electronic death?

I guess the Lume it will charge anyway using less power. Make sure that the charger have intelligent charge chip or something like that

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someone posted this 1 in the forum a while back
it’s 100 watts smart usb-c to usb-c for $10, i use it for everything. using 3d mode takes lots of power so i don’t think any cable will keep it running indefinitely