Missing the charger for Lume Pad 2…

Why isnt there a charger on the Lumepad2? It comes with a cable and a box of moisture absorvent.

I’m guessing most have a USB-C charger and/or charging port on PC/netbook.


The type of charger required for a Lume Pad 2 (a USB-C charger that’s capable of pushing at least 33W+) is both relatively expensive, which would have increased the price of the Lume Pad 2 for everyone, in addition to the fact that most people already have one from a previous device. That’s why it was not included with the device.

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If thats the case… the same logic could be applied to the cable. Devices should come completely independent unless there are meant to depend on other devices to function.

It does Makes sense, but if you are charging 1K for this beauty… mind as well charge an extra 50-100 bucks for a customized charger.

It doesn’t come with one, but I imagine everyone has a box full of them, or can use their computer. Lume Pad 2 is US only, but many companies remove the wall plug because USB in an international standard and chargers differ in each region. If you include a wall charger into the box, you have to customize the packaging for each country and it greatly increases the cost.


Assuming that everyone has one is messed up! its the sad truth about US mobile marketing. At least is a good thing NubiaPad 3D is selling chargers optional tho.

We don’t necessarily assume people have one, but we make it optional so that all the people who do don’t have to pay extra for something they don’t need. It’s also clearly listed on the site when purchasing that a 33W+ charger is required for use.

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Its a Valid point for those who already have. Thanks

i got shipped with a 33W charger

in addition to the fact that most people already have one from a previous device

This isn’t necessarily the case. I have multiple USB chargers and wall plugs, but none charged the LumePad very fast, and the LumePad didn’t complain that it was slow charging or anything. I finally found a charger that charges it fast as hell, but it’s not clear to a customer why the tablet charges so slowly.

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I’m using the one that came with the Steam Deck. It’s a fast charger.


Sorry I didn’t see this thread before starting a new one. I’ll continue my comments here.

I not hear of electronic device ever come without charger, Fact that just case alone near $100 USD, screen protector $50 and charger $75 it like they make tablet and make sure it require most expensive parts on market. At moment, I have only single cable and it damage. It only 5 w but connect & dis connects constant so it takes 4 days for lume pad 2 Charge full. And I not have money but new cable because rest go to bills, feed ECT