Charging and Power Brick Questions

Both Lume Pad 2 and the Lume Stand list 33W+ power adapter required on the product info page and I read initial setup charging instructions and battery management info (posted below) and have a few questions.

  1. Does using lower power charging bricks or bricks with older specs impact battery life or have any other consequence than longer charging times?

  2. Is there any difference between charging specs/performance when using the device charging port vs the Lume Stand? Does leaving the device connected to the Lume Stand for long periods expose it to overcharging issues that effect battery life similar to a regular charger?

  3. Product info lists 33W+ so will device utilize higher power chargers or just pull 33W maximum from them?

  4. Recommended power adapters/bricks for best performance? (Life of battery and charge speed)

  5. Can you post link to stats for Hydrogen One power brick and will it provide ideal charging for Lume Pad 2 or should I upgrade?

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So I just did a quick test that I believe can help with answering question 2.

This specifically was tested using the same brick and cable I used when I posted this:

Utilizing the same brick and cable did not give me the same “Super Charge” when I plugged that into the Lume Stand and then put the tablet on the Lume Stand. I was about 92% power and it just showed Charging and did not show it Super Charging fast and incrementally with a decibel like 92.4%.

But as soon as I took the tablet off the Lume Stand and plugged the USB-C cable directly into the USB-C port it started Super Charging and showing the decibel. The Gif I created in that post is real time and not sped up or slowed down.

Reading the description of the Lume Stand does talk about a 33w brick so I am going to do a test with a brick that is closer specs to what you have with the Red Hydrogen one and the Anker 65w I have. I need to test with the Lume Stand with the tablet powered off and from the same battery percentage for an accurate test. (Gives me an excuse to watch some 3d movies this weekend.) :grinning::heart_eyes:

I think a quality brick like I am using and the Lume Stand both feature Over Charge Protection. But even with protection the tips outlined in my post still apply. Hope this helps.

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I was looking at some of your other questions.

Question 1.
I’m sure older bricks won’t have the latest and greatest overcharge protection when dealing with a device with a 33-watt capability. I wouldn’t recommend using it regularly directly in the USB-C port, but in the Lume Stand, it should be fine. This is more speculation on my part.

Question 3.
I don’t have a way of testing this, but I’m relatively sure it is just pulling 33 watts from my brick capable of 65w. This is, of course, when charging directly from the USB-C port.

Question 4.
I use this Anker brick in my post no less than four times a week and haven’t noticed any decline in the overall battery. Running the Battery Guru app is specifically designed to help track this, but I have yet to install it on the LumePad 2. I also try to make it a habit of removing that charger at some point between 80-100% charge, but I have forgotten to do that at least ten times, with one of those times being overnight. I have been pretty good at following battery health tips overall. I have let the LumePad 2 completely die only twice in my two months of ownership.

Question 5.
I think you will see a significant difference in speed by upgrading the brick to something that does 33 watts or higher when charging through the USB-C port. However, if using the Lume Stand, you will likely be fine and get the same charging speed with that brick vs. a higher-rate one. My suggestion is to only go with a reputable brand like Anker or another competitor that is doing similar levels of testing and certification with their chargers. I wouldn’t trust a generic one from Wish or Temu as enticing as their pricing is. They can be hit or miss on getting the advertised speeds and also don’t tend to last as long. Because of that, I also wouldn’t trust them for long-term battery health.

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Thanks for the reply, I wish the Leia team would chime in here and tell us what power brick they use.

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I use a couple of different Anker power adapters, including the Nano II.

I almost always use Lume Dock to charge my Lume Pad 2. At work, the Lume Dock is plugged into my MacBook Pro, and that seems to charge great for my usecase there. It’s always at 100% every morning and as I use it at work during the day it never drops below 60% (I lock it when I’m not actively using it though).