Leia Lume Pad 2 package contents

Was there supposed to be a USB charger included with the contents of the Lume Pad 2? I only had in the box in addition to the tablet was a USB-C cable, a USB-C adapter, and a pack of descant. It also looks like that’s all there was room for in the box. That could have been a real disappointment if I didn’t have others that I was able to use.

I had the same question, it seems odd to not include one as it means some people could not use their new device. I also recall reading somewhere that it is included.

Hey @hdemby41, as mentioned on the Lume Pad 2 purchase page, the Lume Pad 2 requires a 33W+ USB charger.

As mentioned in this thread, we don’t include one because many customers already have a USB-C power adapter, and including one would increase the cost of the Lume Pad 2 for everyone, even those who already have one. Beyond that, it also gives users the choice to get even higher wattage adapters if they want which can charge the Lume Pad 2 even faster.

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Understood, and that’s okay. But most vendors include a ‘(not included)’ tag beside any required component that is not packaged with the item (i.e. ‘batteries not included’). Sometimes they will even offer a source to purchase the missing item. I’m just saying this may be a way to reduce complaints.

Also, most of the USB chargers I have only show output amps and volts, but not watts. I found that most of my current chargers fell short of what was needed when I did the conversion Convert W=V*A. Having that additional information could help prevent eventual problems with the battery life and performance for future owners.

Final question: should there be any precautions taken when using a higher than 33 watt charger with the Lume Pad 2?

Nope, just like other electronic devices, Lume Pad 2 will only draw what it needs. It can draw much MORE wattage than 33W automatically if it’s available, however!

Any USB-C power brick rated “PD” for “Power Delivery” that’s 33W or higher should work great!


It should also work fine if it’s below 33w, only if too low, less than consumed by operation, the battery would still discharge if using the LP2, but you could still charge slowly while not in use. I used my 18w Pixel 3a charger that I use across a dozen different USB C devices without issue.

The only thing you need to worry about is whether a charger or cable actually adheres to the USB specifications, which they almost certainly will if they are from a company somewhat competent at engineering, like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.

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