LP2 Wattage Requirement

Will a 30W charger NOT charge the Lume Pad 2 at all or only more slowly since the specs are for 33+W?

Hi Rhonda! It’ll work, just more slowly. It may not keep the device fully charged if you’re using it heavily while plugged into a 30W charger, but it will only drain very slowly in the worst case.

With a 33W+ charger, the battery will not drain over time while using it regardless of what content you’re using on the device, such as high-performance 3D games.

Thank you so much, but I’ve not been able to find a charger that is precisely 33W anywhere – or even a 35W charger.

Look for Anker 713, cheap and good. I’ve recently bought the 735 GaNPrime version a few weeks ago when on sale.

Thanks, Daniel. After posting, I discovered that I had previously purchased a PD QC4 65W charger, and it VERY quickly charges my Lume Pad 2.

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Thank you, Nima. Are you aware of any charger manufacturer’s model that produces precisely 33 watts.

It seems there’s quite a few if you Google. However, it doesn’t need to be exactly 33W, that’s just the minimum. Higher is usually better.