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TL:DR - I wanted to share the charger I am using that achieves “Super Charging” status on the Lume Pad 2. It’s the Anker 735 Charger (Nano II 65W). I have a USB-C cable rated for 100w charging.

But one should be careful with Lithium Ion batteries when using a charger like this. At the end of this post, I will share the battery health tips you will find in the Battery Guru app. They say you should not leave your device on a fast charger overnight and try to give it a full charge just once a week. This is in a perfect world, of course, and unlikely the average person can successfully stick to all their tips. But this charger is a beast for getting your LumePad 2 some quick juice before you head out.


Battery Health Tips

Keep your battery at room temperature:

By that we mean that you should keep your battery temperature between 20°C(68°F) and 25°C(77°F), while work temperature is about 330C(91.4°F). One of the worst thing that can happen to a lithium battery is to be subjected to elevated temperatures. Heat is by far the largest factor when it comes to reducing lithium battery life.

Learn how to charge your battery:

It’s really stressful for the battery to be drained or charged completely. Phone batteries are happiest if you keep them above 20% and below 80% of their capacity. Every time you charge your device, battery wears out and lowering its total capacity, to reduce wearing we suggest to enable charging protection by limiting charge and discharge.

Don’t use device while charging:

Turn your phone off when charging, or at least don’t play games or watch videos to avoid mini-cycles. Mini-cycles continually cycles and deteriorates one part of the battery at a faster rate than the rest of the cell. Worse still, this also occurring when a device is fully charged, causing higher voltage stress and heat on the battery.

Avoid idle charging:

Charging overnight or in a cradle during the day is a very common habit, but it’s not recommended for several reasons. First, continuous trickle charging of a full battery can cause plating of the metallic lithium, which reduces stability in the long term and can lead to system-wide malfunctions and reboots. Secondly, it leaves the battery at the higher stress voltage when at 100 percent. Third, it creates excess heat caused by wasted power dissipation.

Tip to use fast charging:

Fast charging was never really envisioned for full-cycle charging though, instead, it’s a fast way to top up your phone quickly to get it back in your hands. Leaving your phone to quickly charge up for 15 to 20 minutes won’t lead to major overheating problems, but we don’t recommend using them for overnight charging. Use fast charging technologies sparingly and never overnight.


Super informative! Thanks for sharing @Onedjyoulike! This is a great move if you need a fast charge at an event/gathering/production and have limited set up time.

Not a lot of people (including me) know about battery health best practices. This is great! Appreciate you!

Do you happen to know how much of the above advice applies
to the LumePad 2? Many (if not most) modern devices have
integrated electronics that obviate the points listed above.

I’d also like to know which fast charging specification the LumePad 2
uses/supports. I had heard horror stories about batteries (and
entire devices) getting fried using the WRONG “standard” (in quotes,
since there are apparent more than one competing specs causing
grief to consumers).

The LumePad2 tech specs only specify wattage not type.

Battery | Li-Ion 9270mAh (Non-Removable) // Fast Charging 33W+

Hi @Lumi! Community tips are always welcome particularly when it comes to third party accessories. Battery health is a great topic since most people are not aware of best practices. In my experience as a creator, Anker has always made reliable products. There are many options that are 33W+ and understandably, some users prefer faster charging and opt for other options.

We support “USB Power Delivery” spec. The device also supports supercharging if you use adapters with super high wattage, but we feel as though 33W or a little above is perfectly fine for everyone unless you need to use Lume Pad 2 in a setting like a film set or museum or other business where fast charging it makes sense.

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