Lume Pad 2 Build Quality

This praise rather than a knee-jerk reaction complaint. For a small company, you have literally produced a world-class unique and wonderful product. I have enjoyed SBS 3D ever since the ViewMaster and its reels. Now I have a couple of headset for use with telephones, the 2 latest Occulus (now Meta) Quest headsets, Lume Pad (1), and now the Lume Pad 2. With this latest tablet, your programming and quality build are on par with or exceeding many other tablets – PLUS 3D for photos and video, and now a way to save massive amounts of them to and use it from an external SD card! I hope you continue to program additional capabilities, but for now, I can only say that I am very enthused and pleased. Thank you, Leia!


Hi Rhonda!

Thank you for your support of 3D technology all these years and for joining us on our mission to bring 3D to everyone, everywhere, on any device! It’s thanks to you and all the wonderful community and partners in our ecosystem that we continue pushing forward. There is so much more to come! Thank you for being here as we continue exploring and enjoying the depth and emotion this technology brings to our lives. :heart:


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