Lume Pad...Really?

Does the Lume Pad REALLY have a “sweet spot” that wide as shown in the rotating flower display on the website?

Can I rotate the product as shown and REALLY see what the website shows?

If so, that is impressive!

OR, is this just “stretch marketing”??


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In order to display such a “marketing gimmick”, you need many 10’s of shots. Think bullet-time stuff!

“Graphical Representation”? Similar to the Chinese 3D phone ads that show objects projecting outside the edges of the screen? I would prefer the term “marketing gimmick”.

No problem.

I just get perturbed by apparent false marketing, like many ads on Amazon for “4K” action cameras, that might reach 1080 rez natively.

I am really interested and pre-ordered myself. I do notice how other companies such as Sony’s light-field tech demo on Youtube they use a camera that tracks the position of the person so that the angle of the shot matches where the person is standing, so maybe the ToF cam will be capable of something similar with certain applications down the road?

Hey Wayne,

Thanks for asking! We do have a quick video that we put together with an earlier test unit, maybe this can help address your question…

-Darren from the Leia team