LUMEnary referral links

I received email this morning letting me know about your LUMEnary referral program. I was about to share the link when I noticed that the bespoke link had my full name in it. Although that would work for some places, on other social media I go by my first name only, so exposing it this way is undesirable.

Is it possible to get a unique link that doesn’t contain personally-identifiable information? It doesn’t feel like that should be necessary; a random string of characters could be associated with each referrer.

Hi Marc, you can revise part of the referral link (e.g. your name) in your advocate portal. To access, click on the blue Get Invite Link button in the email you received about our referral program. You should land on a page with a link, Your Rewards in the top right corner. After you log into the portal, a modal should pop up giving you the opportunity to edit two items 1) your email address cash rewards from Paypal should be sent to and 2) your referral link where your name currently appears. Click Save once updated and you should be good to go. Please reach out to our Customer Care Team at should you encounter any issues as they can email you the page link specific to your account as well.


Thanks for the great explanation! I wasn’t expecting “Your Rewards” would lead down such a path.

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